Friday, October 19, 2007

Maze-a-pix and Dot-a-pix

It's friday and that means more than 50 new free weekly puzzles on

9 sudoku's , 8 kakuro's,
8 battleships, 4 hitori,
4 slitherlinks, 4 hashi,
4 pic-a-pix, 4 link-a-pix,
4 fill-a-pix, 4 map-a-pix,
4 dot-a-pix.

Some of them you find ONLY on this website.
For example MAP-A-PIX and DOT-A-PIX.

As the player paints the path from the entry to the exit
of the maze, a “hidden” picture is exposed.

Connecting the dots reveals a beautiful detailed picture

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